What ifs (life’s too short)

To Mason
my friend who died before his time

So what if,
A yes instead of no
Not a stay but a go
The truth is
I’ll never know

What if,
A conversation
Face to face
A meeting planned
Between friends
Normally so far away

What if,
I’d come
To you
What would we have said
What would we have done
The sad truth is
I’ll never know

Questions left unanswered
Time left unspent
Too many broken hearts
Too many scars
Over a life
That should not have met its end

It does’t matter what I should have done
Not anymore
Because I’m still here
But you’re gone

I’ll miss you..

About Charlotte

Hi there, welcome to my blog. My name’s Charlotte, I am twenty-nine years old and I live in the Netherlands. I love reading, writing (duh), watching movies and series, listening to music and going on adventures. I started this blog mainly for the purpose of sharing my poems, (bits of) short stories and just overall feelings and thoughts. Anyway, go ahead and take a look around :).

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