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Life (Undeniable Paradox)

You find life

In silence and solitude,

The depths of desolation

Mean freedom of the mind,


A hopeless heart

Needs leaps of laughter,

Always a perfect paradox

Alone yet not – is never enough,


The endless end

Of the desperately desired

Yet dutifully despised,

Monster masterfully made, knowingly

By us,


Sad the knowledge

Terrifying truth,

Our stressed syllables and whispered words,

Will not reach

Will not get through,


You tried too hard

And then,


Our paradox was too much

Even for you

About Charlotte

Hi there, welcome to my blog. My name’s Charlotte, I am twenty-nine years old and I live in the Netherlands. I love reading, writing (duh), watching movies and series, listening to music and going on adventures. I started this blog mainly for the purpose of sharing my poems, (bits of) short stories and just overall feelings and thoughts. Anyway, go ahead and take a look around :).

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