Three stages of love pt. 3: acceptance


Endless night of

the darkest kind,

With you in my veins

as the blackest of liquid miseries,


I want you no more than

the scars in my mind

and on my arm,


Yet here we still are,

Me no more me than

any stranger’s shadow,


And you no more human

than the demons

that caused these scars


Grant me death then,

For the life of me

I will not save myself,

Drunk as I am on this torture

by your hand


Author’s note: This poetic triptych was published in its entirety in Digressions, a student-edited academic journal based at VU University Amsterdam.

About Charlotte

Hi there, welcome to my blog. My name’s Charlotte, I am twenty-nine years old and I live in the Netherlands. I love reading, writing (duh), watching movies and series, listening to music and going on adventures. I started this blog mainly for the purpose of sharing my poems, (bits of) short stories and just overall feelings and thoughts. Anyway, go ahead and take a look around :).

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